Is a pre-exam required?

No pre-exam is required, but we do require a consultation before the procedure.  The consultation can be combined with your circumcision appointment and takes about 30 minutes.

How is the procedure done?

A description of the process can be found on our Circumcision Procedure page.

Can any urologist perform a circumcision?

Yes, but while all urologists are trained to perform circumcisions, most do not conduct the procedure with cosmetic results in mind. Dr. Bidair uses plastic surgery techniques to ensure the end result is clean and healthy looking. And he takes great care to understand your needs so you are satisfied with the outcome.

Am I awake during the procedure?

Most patients choose to use a local anesthesia and are awake during the procedure. However, general anesthesia is available if you wish to be completely unconscious.

Is there an age limit?

No.  Circumcision can be done at any age, from birth to the very old.  For those under 18, we require a guardian’s consent.

How long is the recovery time?

You will be able to walk and travel immediately following the procedure with minor discomfort.  For the first week we recommend keeping your activity to moderate levels, including limiting the amount of exercise you do.  Sexual activity can usually resume after two to four weeks.

What happens if I get an erection while I’m still healing?

For the first few days after surgery you will likely feel some degree of discomfort or minor pain when you have an erection. This is normal and there should be no bleeding because of it. You will be given pain medications after the procedure to make you more comfortable. Dr. Bidair recommends taking the medicine before going to bed in case you have an erection while you sleep.

Will the bandage be visible?

No.  The bandage is lightweight and will not be apparent under your pants.  Nor will it affect your walking.  We recommend that you wear briefs to keep the dressing well supported.

I’m traveling from out of town.  Do I need to stay overnight?

No, you don’t need to stay overnight and can fly or drive back home the same day.

Do you treat non-US citizens?

Yes, we will conduct the procedure for a man from any country.  Dr. Bidair speaks Spanish and French fluently.

Can you make changes to an existing circumcision?

Yes.  We can change the appearance or tightness of a circumcision.  We can also help mask suture marks from a previous circumcision.

What is a “circumcision revision”?

A “circumcision revision” is a change to the appearance of the original circumcision. The original may be too loose, have unappealing scars or even skin tags. A circumcision revision can correct many of these problems. We can help patients change how their circumcision looks and attain their desired goals. See examples of circumcision revisions.

What is a “high and tight”?

“High and tight” refers to how the circumcision looks. “High” means the circumcision line is closer to the body. “Tight” means the skin is not loose even when the penis is soft. “High and tight” is the most common look and is desired by most patients. See also: images of new circumcisions.

Can you perform a frenulectomy?

Yes. A frenulectomy is the removal of the frenulum. The frenulum is the ridge of skin that connects the foreskin to the area close to the urethral opening. Some men prefer to have this ridge of skin removed along with their circumcision. Dr. Bidair can discuss this option with you.

Will it change the size of my penis?

No, there should be no change in the size of the flaccid or erect penis after the procedure.

How will it affect my sensitivity?

None of Dr. Bidair’s patients have reported a change in sexual sensitivity after the procedure.  There are websites that report an increase or decrease in sensitivity in the head of the penis, but again, he has not heard this feedback.

Will it affect my urination?

There should be no changes in your urination after healing. However, during healing there may be some spraying from the bandage.

If the procedure is performed for balanitis or phimosis, your urination will improve a great deal.