Circumcision Procedures

Offered at our convenient location in San Diego

Circumcisions are performed at our office and take about 1-1/2 hours to complete. Dr. Bidair and an assistant will perform the procedure. The procedure varies for infants and adult males. Because infants are not fully developed, their needs are much simpler.

Circumcision for Infants

The procedure for infant circumcision is relatively simple.  A small circular clamp device is used to collect and remove the redundant skin foreskin in one movement. The clamp stops the bleeding vessels and bonds the edges of the skin together. The bonding of the skin edges eliminates the need for sutures.

Circumcision for Adults

Before making an incision, Dr. Bidair marks the inner and outer layers of the foreskin.  Incisions are done with a scalpel to ensure a precise and clean result.

The penis is numbed with an injection at the base with a mixture of two medications. The first is a quick acting agent called Lidocaine and the second is a long lasting agent called Marcaine.  Patients usually feel only the first needle prick and no discomfort after that.  If you are afraid of needles or tend to become faint at the sight of needles, a relaxing agent like Valium can be used. Or, Dr. Bidair can arrange to have your procedure done under general anesthesia (i.e. you will be put to sleep).  You must specifically request general anesthesia at the time you make your appointment.

The skin is closed with dissolvable, high-quality sutures, the same as those used in plastic surgery.  Sutures are required because adults get strong erections during the sleep cycle, and the sutures hold the skin in place.

Before and After Photos

Recovery for Adults

Sedentary activity, including travel, is possible immediately following the procedure.  After one week, moderate activity is allowed. Sexual activity may resume after approximately two to four weeks.

The bandage should not be changed or removed early in the healing process.  It is a lightweight bandage that will not affect your appearance or ability to walk.  The bandage must be kept dry and a plastic cover must be worn when bathing.  We recommend that you wear briefs instead of boxers to provide appropriate support during recovery.

You will be given specific instructions for care and length of time that the bandage must be left in place.  Since your circumcision will be sutured with dissolvable sutures, it will not be necessary to have them removed by a doctor.

When the bandage is first removed, the wound will be unsightly.  Don’t be discouraged!  This is normal and it will have a good, healthy appearance within one to three months.