Balanitis & Balanoposthitis

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Balanitis & Balanoposthitis

Privacy is your right. What happens to the most sensitive areas of your anatomy is nobody’s business but your own. That’s why it is often difficult to discuss pain and irritation in your genital region. If the foreskin or underlying tissue gets infected, you may not want to acknowledge the issue.

But ignoring it will not make it go away.

Dr. Bidair is a master of science, aesthetics, and discretion. He understands the importance of privacy, but he also wants to make sure you are not suffering in silence. Conveniently located in La Mesa, California, Dr. Bidair proudly serves the San Diego vicinity and beyond. If you reside in or are visiting Southern California and need help with a personal inflammation issue, please contact our office

What Is Balanitis?

Balanitis is a condition in which the glans penis (the head of the penis) is inflamed. It is closely associated with the presence of prepuce (foreskin). When the glans is covered by a foreskin, infections and irritations can be hidden from view until they escalate. Smegma may accumulate, inviting further bacterial complications.

What Is Posthitis?

Balanitis may also be brought on by STIs (sexually transmitted infections). Chemical irritants, like soaps, can also trigger a balanitis episode. It is estimated that 4% of boys develop balanitis during their potty training years.[1]. The foreskin exacerbates hygiene problems and can prompt inflammation and irritation to flourish. If balanitis persists, the best course of action is usually circumcision.

What Is Posthitis?

Posthitis is an inflammation of the foreskin itself. Since the skin of the prepuce is thin and delicate, it is especially vulnerable to such conditions as psoriasis and dermatitis. External factors like laundry detergent (on underwear) and other environmental agents can also irritate the foreskin.

STDs may also usher in the damaging effects of posthitis. Chlamydia and gonorrhea, for example, contain organisms that may cause posthitis.

What Is Balanoposthitis?

Balanoposthitis is a combination of posthitis and balanitis. When both the foreskin and its underlying glans are inflamed, this is an instance of balanoposthitis. HPV (human papillomavirus) has a strong clinical association with balanoposthitis.[2] 

Phimosis is another condition that may predict and/or complicate the onset of balanoposthitis.

When the foreskin is too tight against the penis to retract, this is known as phimosis. The condition interferes with proper hygiene, trapping bacteria under the foreskin. When these bacteria build up, both the foreskin and the glans may develop inflammation.

Benefits of Circumcision

To address uncomfortable swelling and penile inflammation, consider the benefits of circumcision. By eliminating the constrictive properties of the foreskin, Dr. Bidair can deliver an improved look and feel for patients’ most intimate parts. 

Benefits of Circumcision

In addition to the immediate aesthetic boost you will receive from circumcision, there are also long-term benefits to consider. When the penis is contoured according to your ideal health and wellness, instances of inflammation are reduced or eliminated altogether. Balanitis, posthitis, and balanoposthitis can be avoided with a comprehensive surgical prescription. Circumcision may not be right for every patient, but it can prevent the irritation and infection so often associated with penile foreskin.

Ideal Candidates

If you are a healthy man in the San Diego region and wish to address your issues with inflammation of the penis and/or foreskin, then circumcision may be the perfect solution. When the prepuce is difficult to retract or move comfortably over the penile glans, it can cause distress and pain. Ignoring these problems only amplifies their complications. Inflammation of the foreskin and penis is a treatable condition. To learn more about your options, call (619) 486-5005 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Bidair.

Personal Consultation in San Diego

The first step in any great collaboration is communication. From the moment you arrive in our La Mesa clinic, we are ready to listen. Tell Dr. Bidair about your medical history so he can craft your ideal future. If you are struggling with inflammation and irritation, Dr. Bidair can help.

With over 100 published articles and decades of expertise, Dr. Bidair is an unparalleled leader in his field. It is truly rare for a skilled urologist to also excel in cosmetic surgery, but that is Dr. Bidair’s résumé. To reap the rewards of his dedication and determination, schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience.

Preparation for Circumcision

During your consultation, you will be provided instructions to best prepare you for circumcision surgery. These will be tailored to you specifically and will entail any medications and dietary restrictions for the days leading up to your procedure. 

It is always advisable to quit smoking at least two weeks before a surgery. You should also limit or stop taking blood-thinners altogether. Dr. Bidair wants you to enjoy optimal circulation to facilitate a happy, healthy procedure and ensuing recovery.

The Circumcision Procedure

In order to maintain your safety and comfort throughout the circumcision procedure, you will receive the appropriate anesthesia. From there, the specific nature of your surgery will depend on your anatomy. If your foreskin is exceedingly tight, it will require a different approach than a loose prepuce. Based on your contours, Dr. Bidair will suggest one of the following techniques, and he will be sure to explain his rationale well before your surgery.

  • Dorsal-Slit Method: When phimosis prevents you from retracting your foreskin, it means it is too tight. Before this condition can lead to balanitis or posthitis, it can be remedied through a dorsal-slit circumcision. Dr. Bidair will begin by skillfully making an incision to release tension along the top of the foreskin, perpendicular to the edge of the glans. This allows the doctor to retract the prepuce and remove any excess skin. He then artfully sutures the incision closed, leaving you with a contoured look and feel.
  • Sleeve Technique: If the foreskin is looser, it does not need to be “notched” as in the example above. Instead, Dr. Bidair can carefully trim around the circumference of the prepuce and suture it closed. The process is akin to shortening the sleeve of a shirt, hence the name.
  • Cosmetic Proximal Circumcision: If you want to preserve the foreskin material, yet retract it in a permanent way, you may consider the proximal approach. Dr. Bidair can remove a flap of skin along the base of the penis and pull back the remaining skin along the shaft. He then gently sutures the base incision closed, creating a streamlined result. 

Unlike other doctors, who may treat circumcision as merely a functional surgery, Dr. Bidair takes a holistic approach. He doesn’t just want you to feel good; he also wants you to look your best. Men often take pride in their appearance, and Dr. Bidair wants to celebrate their esteem. That is why his circumcision procedures take 60-90 minutes on average. This is double the time a typical surgeon spends on a circumcision, but that is because Dr. Bidair is doing double duty. He is both a cosmetic artist and a skilled urologist. 

Recovery and Results

Dr. Bidair will apply the necessary bandages to aid in your immediate recovery. Minor swelling is normal following any kind of surgery. This short-term reality is preferable to the repeated and unhealthy persistence of balanitis or posthitis. Swelling from circumcision surgery will subside as your body adapts to its new contours.

Please avoid strenuous activity for one week and refrain from sexual activity for three or four weeks.

After 1-3 months, you will see the final results of your circumcision surgery. With the foreskin gone, you can stop worrying about the next bout of inflammation from balanoposthitis. Hygiene is easier to maintain and aesthetics are more to your liking thanks to Dr. Bidair. To get an idea of his mastery of his craft, simply read our glowing reviews


How much does adult circumcision cost in San Diego?

Every surgery must be designed as a solution to a set of issues. Dr. Bidair addresses these issues and treats the patient holistically. The cost of each procedure is therefore dependent on the extent of the condition. To discuss payment options and pricing concerns, please call (619) 486-5005 and connect with one of our helpful associates. 

How dangerous is penile inflammation?

When a flare-up occurs on or under the foreskin, it may be just a one-time occurrence. However, if you struggle with frequent bouts of posthitis or balanitis, the problem will not correct itself. You may require the help of a skilled surgeon to release the pressure that is causing inflammation. Contact California Adult Circumcision to discuss your wellness needs.

Can circumcision correct balanitis?

Yes, the complications brought about by balanitis and balanoposthitis can be avoided through circumcision. When the foreskin is successfully removed, many of the hygienic issues associated with the prepuce are gone. Dr. Bidair can assess your health issues, listen to your aesthetic goals, and provide the right course of action for you.


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