Cosmetic Circumcision

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cosmetic circumcision procedure

Confidence is attractive. When you carry yourself with pride, the world takes notice.

But if you lack confidence, insecurities abound. Men derive much of their sexual identity from their penises. The appearance of a penis directly impacts its host’s confidence levels.

Cosmetic circumcision is a great option for men who are dissatisfied with the look of their penises. If you are unhappy with the appearance, shape, or feel of your foreskin, Dr. Bidair can help. Conveniently located in La Mesa and serving the needs of  greater San Diego, California, as well as patients from all over the US and internationally, California Adult Circumcision delivers remarkable results. To learn how Dr. Bidair can improve your aesthetic outlook, contact our office.

About Cosmetic Circumcision in La Mesa/San Diego

Every physique is unique. Each body part contributes to the sum total of who you are. As you grow and change, you can affect your physiology in numerous ways. However, there are limits to how you can enhance certain features on your body. Your goals must align with the realities of your physicality. The structure of your penis, for example, will determine which type of circumcision technique works best for you

Dorsal-Slit Method

Some men complain that their foreskin is too tight against the corona of their penises. This is a condition called phimosis.[1] Dr. Bidair can address phimosis with a dorsal incision procedure that releases the tight ring in the foreskin. The skin is then pulled back, allowing the doctor to contour as he removes excess or unwanted material. 

Sleeve Technique Circumcision

For some other men, the foreskin hangs looser. In these cases, circumcision can be achieved without notching or pulling back the skin. Instead, Dr. Bidair can make a circumferential incision all the way around the foreskin. The sleeve technique gets its name from the way in which it resembles shortening the sleeve of a garment by excising material equally in a circular fashion.

Cosmetic Proximal Circumcision

If you want to preserve the entirety of your foreskin, it may require a more extensive procedure than the two described above. Your surgeon can remove a strip of skin along the base of your penis and pull back the remaining skin along its shaft. This results in retracting the foreskin, still intact. Then the two planes of skin are sutured at the base of the penis. This method results in a longer recovery period due to the complexity of the procedure. 

Dr. Bidair will explain the variations in the three aforementioned techniques during your initial appointment. Your procedure must respect the particular dimensions of your body. Dr. Bidair will help you establish realistic goals and achieve tremendous results

The Benefits of Cosmetic Circumcision

Circumcision is a private decision, yet it has societal considerations. The popularity of circumcision varies from culture to culture and location to location. For instance, you may have grown up in a country where intact (uncircumcised) penises were the norm, but moved away as an adult. If you find yourself in a situation that no longer reflects your upbringing, it can cause feelings of alienation.

You may want to adapt to your surroundings during adulthood by enhancing your appearance. 

If you have converted religions and believe that circumcision will better express your adherence to your faith of choice, then Dr. Bidair is ready to listen. One of the many benefits of cosmetic circumcision is that it empowers you to decide your own destiny. If the appearance of your foreskin has always bothered you, then book a consultation at our La Mesa clinic at your earliest convenience.  

Ideal Candidates for Adult Circumcision

If you are a healthy male who is dissatisfied with the appearance, shape, or contours of your foreskin, then cosmetic circumcision may be perfect for you. California Adult Circumcision is located just outside of San Diego, California, and we are proud to serve the needs of men who are seeking an aesthetic change.

Aside from the cosmetic benefits of adult circumcision, there are also hygienic factors to consider.

Bacteria and dead skin cells can accumulate under the foreskin, forming a substance known as smegma. If the area under the foreskin is not properly cleaned, the smegma can escalate and cause a condition called balanitis.[2] Men who are stricken with the adverse side effects of foreskin infections or uncleanliness are ideal candidates for circumcision.

Schedule a Personal Consultation

If you live in the San Diego region, or if you are planning a visit to La Mesa, California, then Dr. Bidair is eager to meet with you. During your visit, you can discuss your medical history, explain your aesthetic goals, and ask how cosmetic circumcision may improve your look. If you would rather have a remote consultation over Skype, Dr. Bidair’s office can arrange the Skype consult for you. California Adult Circumcision provides a discreet, professional atmosphere where you can discuss your case in detail. Dr. Bidair will assess each facet of your cosmetic wishes and create a strategy that works with your body. Satisfaction is our top priority, so we are proud of the many rave reviews submitted by past patients. We are dedicated to aesthetic excellence, and we will provide you with the best care in Southern California. Please call (619) 486-5005 to book your private consultation in La Mesa.

Preparation for Cosmetic Circumcision

During your personalized consultation, Dr. Bidair and his associates will provide you with all of the instructions you need to guide you through the preparation process. You may be asked to cease certain supplements like aspirin and NSAIDs to assure optimal circulation. Please inform Dr. Bidair about any other medications you may be taking.

We want you to enjoy a healthy, happy recovery.

You should also arrange for a friend or family member to drive you to and from the clinic on the day of your procedure. Feel free to shower as normal in the morning, but please do not apply any lotions or fragrances that may irritate your sensitive skin. Follow Dr. Bidair’s advice regarding diet and exercise in the days and hours leading up to your surgery.

The Cosmetic Circumcision Procedure

When you arrive at California Adult Circumcision, our staff will accommodate your every need. You will be provided a comfortable place to wait until you are eventually given the anesthesia appropriate for your given procedure.

In the case of a dorsal-slit circumcision, the doctor will gently make an incision in the prepuce, or foreskin. This incision should be made approximately 50% of the way down the length of the prepuce. The preputial skin is then pulled back, allowing the doctor to excise it at its base.

If Dr. Bidair is performing a circumcision through the sleeve method, he will mark the foreskin carefully. These lines are drawn approximately one centimeter from the edge of the penile corona (head). The doctor will consider the flexibility of the penis to take into account how much foreskin to remove. 

A typical adult circumcision procedure lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.

This duration is longer than average due to the meticulous attention that Dr. Bidair brings to each detail of the surgery. His eye for aesthetics is unmatched, and he will spend the time required to provide you the treatment you deserve. 

Recovery from Adult Circumcision

A medical professional will monitor your recovery in the hours immediately following your procedure. Dr. Bidair will apply a light bandage wrap on the area. Please keep your dressings dry and clean; cover them with protective plastic when you bathe. 

Avoid strenuous activity for the first post-op week.

Wear briefs rather than boxers to provide maximum support to the area. Dr. Bidair uses dissolvable sutures, so you won’t require a follow-up visit to have them removed. However, our helpful team is always available to address your questions and concerns, so please do not hesitate to call (619) 486-5005.

After two to four weeks, you should be able to resume sexual activity. Please consult Dr. Bidair if you have any hesitation, and do not rush into any intimate contact if you are unsure of your recovery from cosmetic circumcision. 

Cosmetic Circumcision Results

After a simple one-hour procedure, you can enjoy a lifetime of confidence. Dr. Bidair will respect your specifications and contour your penis according to the goals you express before your circumcision procedure. The doctor is able to achieve unparalleled results!

In addition to the cosmetic benefits of adult circumcision, there may also be a sexual boost to the surgery.

The majority of men surveyed in one scientific study indicated a longer period of sexual activity before ejaculation.[3] While results vary from patient to patient, you may be looking to prolong your romantic sessions. If so, adult circumcision may be a great option for you.


What Does Cosmetic Circumcision Cost in La Mesa/San Diego?

Every case is special and every patient’s needs are important. The first step in your cosmetic journey is expressing what you want. Figuring out the best way to finance your goals is our job. Please contact California Adult Circumcision to discuss pricing and scheduling. Your satisfaction is just a click or call away.

Is cosmetic circumcision safe?

Yes. Dr. Bidair is certified with the American Board of Urology and his compassion for patients knows no limits. He provides the safest, gentlest adult circumcision options in Southern California.


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