Why Circumcision?

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Circumcision is one of the oldest medical procedures known to man. Today, uncircumcised men choose to have their foreskin removed for a variety of reasons and enjoy many benefits as a result. Circumcision can offer advantages in comfort, religion, health, and sexual function.

However, circumcision is also a much-needed solution to pressing health issues caused by a dysfunctional foreskin. As an adult considering circumcision, you have the advantage of understanding all of the benefits that circumcision offers, and choosing a procedure that is tailored to your needs. 

Dr. Mohamed Bidair has performed thousands of circumcisions and is able to use his experience to deliver results that are both functionally and aesthetically successful. If you’ve been considering circumcision, contact Dr. Bidair’s office located in beautiful La Mesa, California, just minutes from San Diego. 

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Advantages of Circumcision


However, in the United States, over 60% of male newborns were circumcised. (1)

In 1992, circumcision was performed on an estimated one out of six male newborns worldwide. Those newborns are now adults, and for those who are uncircumcised and/or new to the United States, showers and locker rooms can provoke feelings of self-consciousness. The rate of infant circumcision in the United States has also been on the decline, leaving men with foreskins, and with questions about their appearance and how their partners perceive them. 

While circumcision has been a divisive issue in terms of the sensitivity of the penis, most research points to the sexual benefits of circumcision. (2)  In one survey, for example, over 90% of women preferred the look and feel of a circumcised penis, and 85% of the women surveyed reported that circumcised penises were “more pleasant to touch.” (3) 

Contrary to what many believe, numerous studies have shown that circumcision does not detract from sexual function, sensitivity, or satisfaction. Studies have shown repeatedly that circumcision can delay ejaculation, which can certainly be considered an advantage. (1)

San Diego Circumcision

Dr. Bidair often sees men who want to revise the appearance of their circumcision. Circumcision revision can be vital in restoring a man’s confidence and sexual function. However, patients that undergo a circumcision or circumcision revision will have to prepare themselves for 4-6 weeks of abstinence from any sexual genital activity for proper recovery.

Hygienic Advantages of Circumcision in San Diego

The same survey of women that preferred circumcised penises also found that 92% of the women surveyed believed that circumcised penises were cleaner. (1)

Whatever the reason for this belief, they weren’t necessarily wrong. For some men, a circumcised penis is easier to keep clean, thus preventing diseases and conditions such as balanitis and balanoposthitis.

Balanitis & Balanoposthitis

Circumcision eliminates the threat of balanitis, posthitis, and balanoposthitis.

The foreskin creates a warm, damp environment that is perfect for the proliferation of bacteria. Lack of aeration and an accumulation of smegma can allow these bacteria to reach levels that cause full-blown infections. Balanitis occurs when irritants like a bacterial infection or the chemicals in harsh detergents cause the inflammation of the head of the penis. When the foreskin itself is affected, men suffer from posthitis. Balanoposthitis is the combination of these afflictions, and can often result from sexually transmitted infections like Chlamydia, Gonnorhea, or HPV.(4)

Medical Conditions Caused by the Foreskin

An intact foreskin can also be the source of severe discomfort for men. In some cases, circumcision is the only solution.


As infants, the foreskin is naturally tight, and increases in flexibility with age, until it is able to be retracted completely past the head of the penis. However, for some men, this is never achieved, and their restrictive foreskin can lead to urinary problems, tears in the frenulum, and pain during sexual activity. This condition is called phimosis. Phimosis can occur from a natural abnormality, or as the result of trauma or infection, like balanitis. Many parents choose to have their infant circumcised to avoid these painful and embarrassing complications for their son later in life. Another condition that causes undue suffering from an intact foreskin is paraphimosis.


When a tight foreskin becomes trapped behind the head of the penis and begins to swell, this is known as paraphimosis, and is considered a medical emergency. Left unaddressed, circulation to the penis can be compromised, and gangrene can develop.

San Diego Circumcision

Circumcision provides a permanent solution to this alarming condition.

If you are a man that is struggling with symptoms resulting from your foreskin, Dr. Bidair can help.

To learn more about circumcision and the other services at The California Adult Circumcision Alvarado La Mesa Urological Center, follow Dr. Bidair’s blog. But if you’re suffering pain and embarrassment, why wait? Schedule an appointment today, and Dr. Bidair will be able to provide you with professional and compassionate care and give you a new opportunity to enjoy all of your masculinity.

Circumcision as a Preventative Measure


Circumcision at infancy completely eliminates the risk of penile cancer. Men who choose to be circumcised later in life greatly reduce their risk of this rare but devastating cancer. Circumcised men are also less likely to catch forms of the human papillomavirus (HPV), and spread it to their sexual partners. Studies have also shown that cervical cancer in females, which can be caused by some forms of HPV, is significantly reduced when their male partner is circumcised. Regardless of the gender of your partner, certain HPV’s can also cause cancers elsewhere in the genitalia, and in the mouth and throat.

Circumcision has been proven to lower the rates of all of these unfortunate illnesses.


Besides HPV, there are a host of other sexually transmitted diseases that are less readily transmitted by circumcised men. Most notably, circumcised men have 50% lower incidence of HIV than uncircumcised men. Circumcised men are 10 times less likely to contract HIV from an infected female partner. The incidences of most other STDs are lower for men with a circumcised penis. Diseases like syphilis, herpes simplex, and genital ulcers all have dramatically reduced rates of infection for men with circumcision and their partners.

Benefits for Partners

San Diego Circumcision

Circumcision can be an expression of love. Studies have shown that women with circumcised partners have 22% lower rate of genital ulcers, a 40% lower rate of dreaded bacterial vaginosis, a 61% lower rate of severe bacterial vaginosis, and 48% lower rate of Trichomonas vaginalis.

For men with male partners, circumcision was associated with reduced odds of infection with the herpes simplex virus, syphilis, and penile HPV infection. (5)

If you’re ready to start enjoying the countless benefits of circumcision, and experience relief from the pain and embarrassment that a dysfunctional foreskin can inflict, schedule your appointment with Dr. Bidair. Your body and your partner will thank you.


Are there any disadvantages to circumcision?

Circumcision has been a contentious issue for thousands of years. While there are low rates of complications during the circumcision procedure, circumcision reduces the chances of disease, discomfort and the transmission of sexual infections. Studies have shown that circumcision does not affect the sensitivity of the penis, but can serve to extend the time before ejaculation, prolonging a sexual encounter.

Why do men have foreskins?

This is another question that has been a hot topic of debate. Theories for the purpose of the foreskin include protection of the penis during infancy. However, circumcising infants has been shown to reduce the occurrence of urinary tract infections greatly. Scientists have also posited that since all mammals have foreskins, the human foreskin could be an evolutionary leftover that is now rendered obsolete by boxers and clothing.

Can I be circumcised as an adult?

Being circumcised as an adult allows men the opportunity to address social, religious, and health concerns and the ability to choose the style of their circumcision.

How does circumcision prevent infections?

The foreskin of the penis creates a warm, damp environment that is perfect for the rapid growth of bacteria. Without vigilant hygiene, an overgrowth of bacteria can cause an irritating infection that can lead to the painful swelling of the glans (balanitis), the foreskin (posthitis), or both (balanoposthitis). This can lead to further painful complications such as phimosis, in which the foreskin is unable to be retracted over the swollen head of the penis. Circumcision removes the foreskin and can prevent all of these unpleasant conditions.


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