Why Circumcision?

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There are many reasons a man may want to remove their foreskin. While it is a personal decision, reasons vary from appearance to medical. Below are some of the more common reasons.


Circumcision is common in American society and some men want the same aesthetic appearance as others. We also commonly see men who want to revise the appearance of their circumcision.


A circumcised penis is easier to keep clean for some men, thus preventing diseases such as balanitis.


A condition that happens when the foreskin cannot be easily pulled back over the head of the penis. Men with this condition frequently experience pain during sexual intercourse or masturbation.


Somewhat the opposite of phimosis, this is a condition where the foreskin becomes trapped after being pulled back and then swells behind the head of the penis.

Balanitis & balanoposthitis

Inflammation of the penis head and foreskin caused by the lack of aeration and the accumulation of smegma under the foreskin.


Men with a circumcision have a much lesser risk of penile cancer. Circumcision at infancy completely prevents penile cancer. Studies have also shown that cervical cancer for females is significantly reduced when their male partner is circumcised.

HIV and other STD’s

Circumcised men have 50% lower incidence of HIV than uncircumcised men. Men with a circumcision are 10 times less likely to contract HIV from a female partner. The incidences of most other STD’s are lower for men with a circumcised penis.