Circumcision Pros & Cons

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Circumcision Pros & Cons

Improvement is the ultimate balancing act. In an attempt to move forward, you want to make sure you do not slip back. Whenever you debate the merits of a physical enhancement, you must weigh the pros and cons of the procedure. The best way to inform yourself of the facts and how they relate to your body is to consult a leading expert in the respective field.

If you are considering the benefits of circumcision, Dr. Mo Bidair is the best resource in Southern California. Conveniently located in La Mesa, Dr. Bidair proudly serves the needs of greater San Diego and beyond. To discuss the pros and cons of circumcision with a true expert on the matter, schedule a consultation at California Adult Circumcision. 

We also provide virtual consultations for those who are unable to visit us in person. Dr. Bidair is ready to connect, no matter where you happen to log on. 

What Is Circumcision?

Circumcision is the surgical removal of the male prepuce (foreskin). It is a delicate procedure and it can have transformative effects on its recipient. Men may seek circumcision for a number of reasons, including improved hygiene, sensation, functionality and cosmetic enhancement

There are many myths associated with circumcision, so it is important to get the facts before you start Googling yourself into a frenzy. Dr. Bidair can explain the circumcision process with clarity and honesty during your consultation to help you separate the rumors from reality. You can also peruse our blog to get insights and information that can help you make an informed decision about your circumcision.

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The Pros and Cons of Circumcision 

Regardless of the reasons behind your decision to undergo a circumcision procedure, it is important to consider every angle of the process. In other words, even if you want a circumcision for aesthetic reasons, you should also think about the health and hygiene benefits that go along with the transformation.


The penis is one of the most sensitive areas on a man’s body. When it experiences discomfort, the pain can be excruciating and embarrassing. If a man ignores complications caused by an overly tight foreskin, the situation could get worse and result in infection and even necrosis (cell death) along the glans, or head of the penis.[1]

Circumcision can address the issues associated with a constrictive foreskin. When you are unable to retract the foreskin back, it is a condition called phimosis. If you pull back the foreskin and it gets trapped behind the penile corona, this is an incident of paraphimosis. Dr. Bidair can prevent the uncomfortable and dangerous ramifications of paraphimosis and phimosis by performing a circumcision. 

The foreskin can become inflamed for a number of reasons. By surgically removing it, Dr. Bidair can alleviate complications from posthitis and balanitis. These are conditions characterized by irritation of the foreskin and penile glans. Circumcision can alleviate inflammation and prevent future flare-ups.

Another benefit of circumcision is its ability to reduce the risk of the sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) that may cause inflammation in the first place. Evidence suggests that circumcised men are less likely to contract and transmit such STDs as herpes and HPV (human papillomavirus).[2,3] This is an important factor to consider, seeing as how HPV can cause oral, anal, and cervical cancers. By eliminating the avenue for transmitting HPV, circumcision can not only protect the man who receives the procedure, but also his sexual partners. There is even compelling data that illustrates how circumcised penises are less likely to contract and transmit HIV.[4]

To experience the many pros of circumcision for yourself, contact California Adult Circumcision in La Mesa, California. 

The greatest “pro” about circumcision is how it is tailored to your anatomy. Dr. Bidair is a skilled surgeon and an aesthetic artist. He can perform a circumcision that works with the contours of your anatomy to reflect your ideal dimensions. This is not only a superficial benefit, but also a psychological boost. When you are confident in the way you look, it affects the way you feel. Sexual intimacy is improved when insecurities are decreased. 


Circumcision is an intensely personal procedure. The decision to proceed with a circumcision should be yours and yours alone. However, there are many religious and cultural ties with the procedure that may affect your perspective. Some groups consider circumcision a rite of passage while other factions perceive it as unnecessary. While societal norms are informative, they should never overshadow individual health and happiness.

Circumcision is a complex subject, but you must maneuver through the noise and listen to your body.

Due to the fact that the foreskin is delicate, it requires a steady hand to alter or remove it. Some urologists perform circumcisions to merely address functional issues, like phimosis. Other doctors may conduct an emergency circumcision to alleviate the pain of paraphimosis. But Dr. Bidair takes a holistic approach to penile enhancement. He considers the outcome aesthetically, functionally, and in terms of sensation.

To avoid the pitfalls of inadequate circumcision procedures, contact us online or call (619) 486-5005.

The average urologist performs a circumcision in approximately 25 minutes. When the surgery is rushed, it can lead to complications. The proportions may be inaccurate, making the foreskin too long or too short for the patient’s natural contours. For these reasons, Dr. Bidair applies professional focus and attention to each circumcision procedure. The duration of a typical surgery at California Adult Circumcision is between 60 and 90 minutes. Dr. Bidair will not quit until the patient’s specifications have been met.

Private Consultation in San Diego

private consultation

It is essential for you to weigh the pros and cons of circumcision for yourself. You may want to discuss the decision with your partner as you ponder the benefits and complexities of the procedure. The best sounding board on the subject, however, is Dr. Bidair. His years of expertise form an encyclopedia of knowledge from which to draw. 

During your individual consultation, you will be encouraged to share your medical history and ask as many questions as you can. If you are at a loss for words, here are some conversation starters to keep handy:

  • Are there any drawbacks to circumcision?
  • Will I lose any sensation in the penis?
  • Does circumcision work with my anatomy?
  • Will circumcision change the size or shape of my penis?
  • How will my clothes fit differently after the procedure?

Dr. Bidair will answer your concerns during your meeting, or you may feel more comfortable engaging in a virtual consultation. However you interact, Dr. Bidair is ready to discuss the pros and cons of circumcision with you. 

Preparation and Procedure

Your preparation protocols will depend on your anatomy and aesthetic goals. In general, you should quit smoking and stop taking certain medications in the weeks leading up to your surgery.

On the day of your procedure, you will receive the appropriate anesthesia to keep you comfortable throughout the process.

Dr. Bidair will approach your enhancement in the manner that honors your natural contours best. For example, if your foreskin is too tight for your penis, he may employ the dorsal slit method of circumcision. This alleviates pressure by opening up the foreskin so it can be retracted, trimmed, and sutured comfortably in place.

If your foreskin is loose, on the other hand, Dr, Bidair may opt for the sleeve technique. This process is akin to shortening the sleeve of a shirt. Dr. Bidair gently removes tissue along the entire perimeter of the foreskin, suturing it back to allow the glans to be unobstructed.

Recovery and Results

Please follow Dr. Bidair’s post-operative instructions carefully. You should avoid sexual activity for 2-4 weeks and keep the incision area clean and supported. Satisfaction is Dr. Bidair’s top priority, as you can tell from our positive reviews. Keep these thoughtful insights and kind words in mind as you weigh the pros and cons of circumcision for yourself.


How much does circumcision cost in San Diego?

If circumcision is a medical necessity to treat such conditions as paraphimosis or balanitis, it may be covered by some insurance plans. Please call (619) 486-5005 to determine your needs and coverage. Dr. Bidair is proud to offer transparent pricing and he will explain every facet of your upcoming procedure. 

Are there any reasons not to get circumcised?

Circumcision is a personal decision. Religious beliefs and cultural norms may affect your perspectives on the procedure, but the ultimate choice is yours. To discuss your concerns in a private, professional setting, please contact Dr. Bidair


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