5 Common Reasons for Adult Circumcision

California Adult Circumcision, located just outside San Diego, offers circumcision services for men under the guidance of board-certified urologist Dr. Mohamed Bidair. Practicing since 1988, Dr. Bidair is experienced in many circumcision techniques and is well-equipped to deliver effective results. Schedule an appointment with him today by calling our office […]

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Adult Circumcision & Sexual Satisfaction

The Frenulum

At California Adult Circumcision, Dr. Mo Bidair, a highly skilled and experienced urologist specializing in adult circumcision surgery, offers comprehensive adult circumcision procedures. Located at Alvarado La Mesa Urology Center near San Diego, our practice is dedicated to providing personalized care and achieving optimal outcomes for our patients. For more […]

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How Common is Adult Circumcision?

If you feel intimidated by the idea of adult circumcision, Dr. Mo Bidair can walk you through the necessary steps to help you feel at ease with your decision. As a board-certified urologist with over 30 years of experience with this intricate procedure, you can rest assured that essential anatomy […]

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It’s Only Fordyce Spots!

Fordyce Spots

Fordyce spots are small white spots that can appear on the penile skin. These spots are actually a form of sebaceous gland hyperplasia, which is a common dermatological condition affecting the penis. Fordyce spots are harmless and non-contagious, causing no pain or discomfort to those who have them. They typically […]

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Do Penis Injections Work?

scrotoplasty in San Diego

Sexual performance and impotence can be sensitive topics. However, their “taboo” nature doesn’t make these conditions disappear. Penis injections can be a highly effective treatment option for men who have not responded to other forms of therapy, such as oral medications or vacuum therapy.  Schedule a consultation with Dr. Mo […]

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Broken Penis

Penile fracture is not common. But when it does occur, it can be physically and emotionally traumatic. It is important that patients seek professional care immediately if they suspect they have suffered a broken penis. Therefore, finding a doctor experienced in the field is vital to achieve fast, effective healing. […]

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Botox for “Balls”

Contents1 Scrotox: What It Is, How It Works, and More2 Skin is Skin!2.1 The Scrotum has Thin Skin2.2 The Testicles Have Nerves of Steel2.3 The “Balls” Go Through It3 How Does Sagging Skin Affect the Testicles?3.1 The Lax Scrotum & Sex4 The Bidair Difference5 What are the Benefits of Botox […]

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Penis Growths: PPP or STD?

Contents1 Pearly Penile Papules1.1 PPP Characteristics1.2 PPP Size2 Do I Have an STD?2.1 When to Get Checked3 HSV vs. HPV4 Appointment with a Urologist5 PPP Removal5.1 How Does PPP Removal Work?6 Cost of Penis Growth Treatment in San Diego7 FAQ8 References Pearly Penile Papules PPPs are harmless, dome-shaped growths around […]

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Why Are My Erections Painful?

Contents1 About Erection Pain1.1 Healthy Erections1.2 Erectile Dysfunction2 Anatomy of the Penis3 Peyronie’s Disease4 Other Causes of Erectile Pain4.1 Phimosis & Paraphimosis4.2 Balanitis4.3 Priapism4.4 Other Medical Conditions5 Treating Erectile Pain5.1 Medication5.2 Non-Surgical5.3 Surgery6 Cost of Treatment for Erection Pain in San Diego, CA7 FAQ8 References About Erection Pain Discomfort during […]

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​What Kind of Circumcision is Right for Me?


There are four widely used adult circumcision techniques; high and tight, high and loose, low and tight, and low and loose. But what do these terms mean? How do they differ from one another? And which of these circumcision techniques is the right option for you? As a circumcision specialist […]

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