Can I Be Circumcised as an Adult?

Circumcision is a procedure that can be safely and effectively performed on adult men.

While many males are circumcised as infants, those who were not have the advantage of knowing their penis and their preferences for comfort, religion, health, and sexual function. Choosing to be circumcised as an adult is exercising your right to have a say in the future function and appearance of your penis.

Men choose to undergo adult circumcision for many reasons. There are a variety of medical conditions that can result from an uncircumcised penis, and other complications that can occur in those with an intact foreskin. This makes circumcision a prudent preventative measure.

Other men may elect to undergo circumcision for social, religious, or cosmetic reasons.

If your foreskin just isn’t working for you, consult with Dr. Mohamed Bidair. You can achieve a more optimal look and feel for your penis. Dr. Bidair is discreet, compassionate, and professional. He has been performing circumcisions and circumcision revisions since 1988, and has performed thousands of these procedures on men of all ages. Call Dr. Bidair’s office in La Mesa, California at (619) 486-5005 to schedule a personal consultation today.

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About Circumcision

The male foreskin is a relatively small organ that is a very big deal- and it has been for millenia. Male circumcision is one of the oldest surgical operations known. Records date this ancient procedure back to at least 6000 years BC. (1) Other evidence suggests it was performed as a rite of puberty in aboriginal tribes even before 10,000 BC.(2) There is rife debate as to whether the male foreskin is an evolutionary “left-over,” or still performs an essential function. Nevertheless, circumcision offers health benefits and religious significance that have sustained its practice.

Circumcision is performed on an estimated one out of six male newborns worldwide. And although it’s popularity has decreased in the past decades, over 60% of male newborns were circumcised in the United States in 1992.(3)

What Are the Benefits of Circumcision?

There are countless benefits to circumcision. These include:

Sexual and Cosmetic Benefits

Contrary to what many believe, numerous studies have shown that circumcision does not detract from sexual function, sensitivity, or satisfaction. Studies have shown repeatedly that circumcised men may in fact take longer to ejaculate, which is rarely a cause for complaint! (4)

Simply put, circumcision can improve your sex life. In one survey, for example, over 90% of women preferred the look and feel of a circumcised penis. (5)

Furthermore, a circumcision can protect your health and the health of your partner. Women with circumcised partners have a lower rate of cervical cancer. Circumcised men have a much lower rate of contracting STD’s, and a 50% lower rate of contracting HIV through penile contact. In fact, the World Health Organization endorsed circumcision in 2007 as vital in the fight against AIDS. (5)

Disorders of the Foreskin

Phimosis is a painful condition that prevents the foreskin from being pulled back over the head of the penis. This can lead to painful sex and masturbation.

Paraphimosis is a condition where the foreskin becomes trapped behind the head of the penis after being pulled back and then begins to swell. This is considered a urological emergency, and can be dangerous to the penis if not treated immediately.

Hygienic Concerns

Balanitis and  Balanoposthitis occur from a lack of aeration and the accumulation of smegma under the foreskin. This leads to painful inflammation of the penis head and foreskin.

Styles and Techniques

You are the architect of your own manhood. It’s crucial to be educated about the options available to you when considering circumcision. Dr. Bidair will take your preferences and anatomy into consideration to tailor your procedure for ideal results.

The appearance of your circumcised penis will depend on where the incision is made along the shaft, and how much foreskin is removed.

Dr. Bidair can alter the foreskin in one of four ways

  • Low and loose 
  • Low and tight 
  • High and loose
  • High and tight

This determines how the remaining foreskin is positioned on the shaft of the penis after the circumcision surgery is complete.

When the incision is close to the head of the penis it is considered a “low cut.” Alternatively, when the incision is made farther away from the head it is considered a “high cut.” The other variation is the looseness of the remaining foreskin. Some men prefer a tighter look and feel, while others prefer it looser. 

Surgical Techniques

The surgical technique that Dr. Bidair elects for these alterations also depends on your unique foreskin, and the slack or tension desired.

One technique is similar to raising the hem of a sleeve, and is aptly called “the sleeve technique.” For men with a tight foreskin, or who have phimosis or paraphimosis, the dorsal-slit technique is preferable. This technique allows Dr. Bidair to free the head of the penis from the restrictive foreskin via an incision from the tip of the foreskin to the appropriate location on the shaft, where he can then suture the remaining foreskin in place.

If excess and loose foreskin is a concern, cosmetic proximal circumcision is the answer. This preserves the foreskin while permanently retracting it from the head. Dr. Bidair can remove a section of skin along the base of the penis and pull back the remaining skin along the shaft. He then gently sutures the base incision closed, creating a streamlined and appealing contour.

Schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Bidair to learn more about how your circumcision can work for you. He and The California Adult Circumcision Alvarado La Mesa Urological Center is conveniently located to serve the San Diego area.

Personal Consultation

During a private and discreet consultation with Dr. Bidair, you will have the opportunity to speak man-to-man. He’ll review your medical history and perform a physical examination of your foreskin. Dr. Bidair will address your questions and concerns about circumcision as he provides detailed information about the procedure. Your foreskin is not simply removed during a circumcision; it is skillfully repositioned and reduced. Dr. Bidair will advise what choices you have depending on your unique anatomy, and preferences. 

If Dr. Bidair determines you are a candidate for circumcision, he will collaborate with you to create a customized treatment plan. From there, you will be provided with the costs associated with your procedure.


During your personalized consultation, Dr. Bidair and his associates will provide you with all of the instructions you need to guide you through the preparation process. You may be asked to cease certain supplements like aspirin and NSAIDs to assure optimal circulation. Please inform Dr. Bidair about any other medications you may be taking. You should also arrange for a ride to and from the clinic on the day of your procedure. Follow Dr. Bidair’s advice regarding diet and exercise in the days and hours leading up to your surgery. We want you to enjoy a healthy, happy recovery.

A Delicate Procedure

adult circumcision san diego

Most Urologists do not perform the procedure with aesthetics in mind, and complete the procedure in about 20 minutes. However, Dr. Bidair takes about 1.5 hours per procedure. He is vigilant in achieving accurate symmetric measurements. He also uses small, dissolvable sutures and sophisticated plastic surgery techniques that minimize scar formation and suture tracks. To learn more about how Dr. Bidair has helped other men, and what he can do for you, take a look at his patient reviews, or browse his blog.

Recovery and Results

Adult circumcision is an out-patient surgery that typically doesn’t require general anesthesia. Sedentary activity, including travel, is possible immediately following the procedure. After one week, moderate activity is allowed. You can resume sexual activity after approximately two to four weeks.

After your surgery, you’ll be given specific instructions for care and the length of time that your penis should remain in its dressings. This bandage is lightweight, and will not affect your mobility or be detectable under clothing. However, it must be kept dry and covered when bathing.

Your final results won’t be visible when your bandage is first removed, but don’t be alarmed! Most of the healing happens in the first few weeks, and you’ll notice a healthy appearance within one to three months. You’ll continue to improve in the following months, although the speed of healing depends on your individual physiology.

How Much Does Adult Circumcision Cost in San Diego?

Circumcision is a delicate and precise procedure that requires meticulous artistry. The cost of a circumcision depends on the extent of the surgery, and therefore must be just as customized as its approach. You deserve optimal functional and aesthetic enhancement for the most intimate part of you. Call Dr. Bidair’s La Mesa office at (619) 486-5005 to discuss the pricing for an adult circumcision. 


Will adult circumcision affect the size of my penis?

A circumcision only affects the foreskin of the penis. It does not affect the internal structures that determine the overall size of the penis.


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