My After Circumcision Scar Treatment Experience

I had a revision done with Dr. Bidair to remove my frenulum and correct an uneven scar from my first adult circumcision 23 years earlier. Once the stitches came out about day 14, I waited another couple weeks until it was completely healed and basically no more swelling before I started treating my scar treatment and aftercare. I wanted to flatten it out more and soften the appearance of the scar. It is important to start scar treatment soon after your circumcision while the scar is still fresh and starting to form.

I chose to use both silicone scar sheets and Bio Oil. I used a brand of scar sheets that resembled a soft plastic band-aid. It was soft and easily cut into the strips and the shape I needed to cover the fresh circumcision scar and also the frenulum area. I wore the scar sheets during the day from the time I woke up after my shower until the night time. At night I would take off the scar sheets (and place them on the glass shower door to hold them and reuse them the next day), and at night time I would massage in Bio Oil to soften the scar overnight. I used the scar sheets during the day because they stay covering the scar and would start drawing in the moisture. If you use Bio Oil during the day it will just rub off onto your underwear as you move around throughout the day. I chose to use both methods because I figured I could work on flattening the scar during the day and at night I would soften it with the Bio Oil that has all of the vitamins and nutrients to help with the healing process. You can’t use the oil and sheets at the same time. The sheet will fall off.

I used the scar sheets until I saw the results I wanted. It greatly flattened the raised scar areas for me. It took about 2 ½ to 3 months. I kept using the Bio Oil for another couple months and still use it 6 months later about 5 times a week when I remember to put it on at night. It makes the scar area and the circumcision area so very soft and supple when you feel it in the morning.
Cutting the scar sheet:
I cut a nice shape out of the scar sheet. It was easier to first make a rectangle shape and round off the top to cover the frenulum area. Then I cut two longer rectangular shapes to wrap around the shaft. This allowed it to be put on in a few layers and it stayed on nicely. The brand that I used was very flexible and stuck on nicely, even while flaccid and erect. I tried another thick
clear silicon brand and it just fell off.
I tried to massage the scar with the Bio Oil for a couple minutes as I put it on at night. I heard that massaging the scar helps break it down and heal better.
Here are some pictures of how I used the scar sheets and the three and six months progress.

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