Sex After Circumcision

Naturally, adult circumcision is a procedure that requires some recovery time, including taking a temporary break from sexual intercourse. The postoperative period is no more challenging or complicated than any other surgical procedure, but it does require specific guidance, particularly regarding intimacy. 

Whether the surgery is performed for cosmetic or functional reasons, aftercare guidance requires patients to ease into some activities at a slower pace. And, needless to say, choosing the right time to resume sexual activity is one of them. During recovery, it’s important to understand that the best results come from following expert advice and knowing your limitations in the initial stages. So how long should you wait? What should you discuss with your partner? And how does the surgery affect your intercourse experience?

Dr. Mo Bidair is one of the country’s leading adult circumcision providers. At  California Adult Circumcision Center, whatever the reason for your visit, you’ll receive the most attentive care. We’ll give you extensive aftercare guidance, including information about sex after circumcision, and ensure we’re there to support your needs throughout your treatment. To arrange an initial consultation with Dr. Bidair at his office in the Alvarado La Mesa Urology Center complex, please submit a simple form online, or call California Adult Circumcision directly at (619) 486-5005.

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Your Circumcision

Circumcision removes the foreskin, or prepuce, from around the glans of the penis. Some men choose to undergo the procedure later in life due to medical concerns like balanoposthitis and phimosis, two conditions that cause discomfort in the glans, or head of the penis, and tightness of the foreskin. Others choose circumcision as an adult because they want to improve the aesthetic appearance of their penis. 

Adult circumcision, while not as common as infant circumcision in the United States, is a surgery that thousands of men undergo every year. At California Adult Circumcision, the procedure itself involves a 1 ½ hour surgery performed by Dr. Bidair, during which he expertly uses plastic surgery techniques to achieve the most pleasing appearance. Patients are able to discuss their preferences at their personal consultation, and can choose a high and tight look, high and loose, low and tight, or low and loose. Once the surgery is complete, the area is carefully bandaged and the recovery process can begin.

Reasons for Adult Circumcision 

  • Tight Foreskin (Phimosis)
  • Recurrent Inflammation (Balanitis and Posthitis)
  • Pain with Erection
  • Pain During Intercourse
  • Nonmedical Reasons (social, religious, aesthetic) (1)

Circumcision is an in-office procedure you can return home from the same day. During the surgery itself, the area will be numbed for your comfort. The vast majority of patients choose local anesthesia, but Dr. Bidair offers general anesthesia should you request it. 

Healing After Circumcision

In the hours that follow your circumcision, the anesthesia will wear off, and you may start to feel some soreness. Dr. Bidair will ensure you are well-prepared for your circumcision recovery. We will give you detailed information about how long to keep the dressing in place, when and how to bathe, how to mitigate discomfort, and we’ll inform you of the temporary limitations on activities. 

For more information, read our Frequently Asked Questions and Circumcision Recovery pages.

Arousal & Intercourse After Circumcision

Male sexual health is an essential, but sometimes overlooked aspect of our overall health that deserves careful attention, especially after a surgery. Understanding what to expect after adult circumcision is important, especially when it comes to sexual behavior. And, as with any surgical procedure, the body needs adequate time to heal well, as acting prematurely may cause unnecessary trauma, leading to further discomfort and a prolonged period of recovery. Dr. Bidair educates patients about circumcision healing, ensuring they can resume sexual activity safely and speedily.

Erection & Masturbation

Erections are an inevitable part of life, but during your circumcision recovery, Dr. Bidair advises you not to stimulate your penis. Blood flow to the penis may cause some discomfort, and masturbation is not advised for the first few weeks. Therefore ignoring the erection until it subsides is the best course of action. Generally speaking, the occasional erection without stimulation will not cause any harm, provided you wait for it to subside naturally.

Penetrative Intercourse

Penetrative sex will have to go on hold for a few weeks following your circumcision. During this period, you may wish to tell your sexual partner your expected healing time after a post-opertative consultation with Dr. Bidair. Every healing journey is different, but penetrative intercourse is usually possible after 2-4 weeks. In some circumstances, Dr. Bidair may ask you to wait longer, depending on the nature of your treatment plan and your healing status. A water-based personal lubricant may make sexual intimacy with your partner more comfortable

Oral & Manual Stimulation

Patients can resume oral sex after 2-4 weeks. You may wish to discuss the post-surgery differences with your partner at an appropriate time beforehand. Both oral and manual stimulation of the penis may need some adaptation, so be honest about how things feel and take it from there.

Listen to Your Body

It’s important to stay in tune with what your body is telling you following any surgical procedure, including adult circumcision. Although there may be a temptation to return to normal, the key to a successful recovery is patience. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends waiting 42 days after circumcision to allow for complete healing. (2)  However, doctors may give advice that more closely reflects a patient’s specific circumstances. 

If a wound still causes significant discomfort during sex, even after a few weeks, it’s a strong indication to take a moment and resume intercourse after further healing has occurred. Some patients require slightly less time to heal, while some require more. So, the best course of action  is to listen to Dr. Bidair’s advice and do what’s safest and most comfortable for you and your sexual partner.

Talk it Out

Good communication is key in any partnership. And, research studies consistently confirm what many couples already know; being comfortably able to express sexual needs and desires is an essential component of relationship and sexual satisfaction. (3) 

Letting your partner know how you feel before, during, and after sex is a key thing to consider both during and after the circumcision recovery period. And after you have healed, it’s important to keep your sexual partner in the loop to avoid any misunderstandings. Well before the mood takes you, you may consider sharing some of the details of your healing process and some of the recovery information you have received with your partner. During intercourse, using verbal communication and nonverbal body language cues you both understand are also great ways to reduce any apprehension or concerns. 

How Will Sex Feel After Circumcision?

Understandably, circumcision patients should expect their penis to look and feel a little different after the operation. Using the initial few sexual interactions with your partner to explore these differences can be a good way for you both to discover what works best for you.

Sensitivity, Sensation, & Pleasure

There are differing beliefs regarding how circumcision affects glans sensitivity. Unfortunately, anecdotal evidence and the many myths surrounding the issue can be misleading. There is ongoing scientific discourse about whether sex is more pleasurable, less pleasurable, or if there is no change following the adult circumcision procedure. However, patients need not worry unnecessarily. Several research studies show that adult circumcision results in more pleasurable sexual intercourse. Other studies that focused on neurological testing found no significant difference in glans sensation levels. (4)

Sexual Function

The fear of developing sexual problems following circumcision is understandable, but can be allayed with further scientific data. Additionally,in a systematic review of scholarly research from around the world, the highest-quality studies examined suggest that circumcision has no adverse effect on sexual function or satisfaction. (5)

Personal Consultation with Dr. Bidair

As well as performing the procedure itself, Dr. Bidair has provided essential guidance to thousands of men following their circumcision. At every stage of treatment, we will ensure that you understand the details of the process. At your initial consultation, we will ask you some questions about your health and discuss any issues you may be having with your foreskin. Dr. Bidair will conduct a physical examination and will inquire about the reason for your decision. Patients who cannot make it to our San Diego location for an in-office appointment may wish to arrange a phone consultation

After your surgery has taken place, we will arrange follow-up appointments to monitor your healing process. If you have any questions or concerns during your recovery, please do not hesitate to contact us at (619) 486-5005.

Cost of Circumcision in San Diego, CA

Many SoCal men owe their renewed confidence and comfort to adult circumcision. And at our facility, we offer you the most effective treatment options. Every adult circumcision treatment plan depends on doctor and patient preferences and personal circumstances. As a result, the cost of your surgery may vary. To ask questions about adult circumcision and to arrange a personal consultation with Dr. Bidair, please fill out this form, or contact our office at the number above.

If you are interested in finding out more about treatment at California Adult Circumcision, please read our Why Us? page. You can also get more information by reading Dr. Bidair’s blog.


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