Adult Circumcision: Before & After

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Improvement is a journey. We measure how far we have progressed by where we have been and what we hope to accomplish next. That is why “before & after” assessments are so useful in gauging how effective our improvement efforts are working.

Dr. Mo Bidair is a maestro of making you look and feel better. He can transform you from the constrictive restraint of “before” to aesthetic and functional “after” satisfaction. If you are displeased with the sensation or appearance of your foreskin, consider a visit to California Adult Circumcision. Conveniently located in La Mesa, Dr. Bidair proudly serves the needs of San Diego and beyond. Contact our office to begin your journey from before to after. We also provide virtual consultations to fully meet your lifestyle needs. No matter where you log on, Dr. Bidair wants to connect with you. 

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What Is Adult Circumcision?

Adult circumcision is a surgical solution to the presence of an unwanted male foreskin. Dr. Bidair is a skilled surgeon with an eye for symmetry and personal comfort. Patients who wish to improve the appearance or feel of their penis can alter the area with the help of Dr. Bidair’s unparalleled expertise.

The exact approach to adult circumcision depends on the patient’s anatomy and goals. Dr. Bidair will contour the procedure to the dimensions of the foreskin being removed or reduced. 

Dorsal Slit Method

If a foreskin is exceedingly tight against the glans (head) of the penis, then it may require the dorsal slit approach.[1] Dr. Bidair begins by making a gentle incision perpendicular to the edge of the foreskin. He is able to peel it back, remove excess tissue, and suture the incision closed in a declination that cradles the penis rather than strangling it. 

Sleeve Technique

When a foreskin is loose, the sleeve method of removal may work best. Dr. Bidair artfully mends the foreskin all the way around its circumference, like hemming the sleeve of a garment. He then carefully closes all incisions so that the resulting shape sits pleasingly against the penis without obstructing its feel or look.

Before Circumcision: Phimosis and Paraphimosis

The prepuce (foreskin) consists of thin, delicate material, but it can still cause major complications. If the foreskin is pulled too tight around the penile corona (head), it can prevent a man from retracting it. When a patient is unable to pull back his foreskin, it increases risks for everyday activities like urination and sexual intercourse. An unretractable foreskin is a condition called phimosis. Phimosis can lead to pain and distress, but Dr. Bidair can alleviate those concerns with an adult circumcision procedure.

Even if a man is able to retract an especially tight foreskin, it may get trapped behind the penile glans. This is a phenomenon called paraphimosis and it presents a dire medical situation. In extreme cases, paraphimosis can constrict circulation to the penis, resulting in necrosis (cell death).[2] 

If you have experienced phimosis and/or paraphimosis, then you should consider changing your “before” to “after” at California Adult Circumcision. 

After Circumcision: Relief

Dr. Bidair can address incidents of paraphimosis and phimosis with an adult circumcision procedure. By releasing the tension that the foreskin exerts on the penis, the genitals function more naturally and pleasingly. Patients can avoid pain and a possible visit to the emergency room by preventing a constrictive foreskin from disrupting their health and wellness. 

Before Circumcision: Balanitis and Posthitis

When an unwanted foreskin is left in place, it can cause long-term problems. The penis can become inflamed due to a buildup of smegma. This condition is called balanitis. Various STIs (sexually transmitted infections) can also contribute to balanitis. The foreskin itself can also suffer from irritation, which is a phenomenon known as posthitis. When both the foreskin and its underlying penile tissue become inflamed simultaneously, it is a disorder called balanoposthitis. All three of these conditions are painful and unsightly. In other words, this “before” status is completely untenable. 

After Circumcision: Improved Hygiene 

By removing the foreskin, Dr. Bidair allows a patient to enjoy a cleaner, more hygienic genital area. Smegma no longer collects as readily, because it has nowhere to hide. As penile hygiene improves, incidents of balanitis, balanoposthitis and posthitis decrease. To experience the benefits of this “after” description, please contact California Adult Circumcision

Before Circumcision: STD Risks

The foreskin is vulnerable to miniscule abrasions that often cannot be felt or seen with the naked eye. These small cuts are open invitations to infection and can even increase the risk of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). Studies show a correlation between uncircumcised penises and STD rates. By removing the foreskin, Dr. Bidair can reduce the risk of gonorrhea, syphilis, and even HIV.

After Circumcision: Peace of Mind

Men are not the only ones who may benefit from the disease inhibiting rewards of circumcision. Their female partners may enjoy a reduced risk of exposure to HPV, the virus that can cause cervical cancer. Dr. Bidair can usher men and the partners who love them into a new era of reduced risk and increased sexual wellness

Benefits of Adult Circumcision

In addition to the obvious physical benefits of adult circumcision, men may bolster their confidence in certain intimate circumstances. When the foreskin is gone, a man’s sensitivity is affected. He may enjoy sexual intercourse more openly and express his newfound pleasure with his partner. 

When your body reflects your ideal vision of who you are, your state of mind improves. To experience the psychological and physical benefits of adult circumcision, contact our La Mesa office online or call (619) 486-5005.

Eligible Candidates

If you are a healthy male in the San Diego area who is dissatisfied with his foreskin, you may be the ideal candidate for adult circumcision. Eligible patients want a different look or feel to the contours of their penises, and they are realistic about their goals. 

Dr. Bidair can assess your candidacy for an adult circumcision procedure during your personal consultation in Southern California. The doctor is also greeting patients remotely, if that better suits your schedule and accessibility. 

Private Consultation in San Diego

“Before” and “after” are easy words to throw around, but they convey so much more than their syllables suggest. Dr. Bidair can explain how patients’ lives truly change as a result of adult circumcision. He can walk you through a before & after scenario tailored to your unique case, explaining each step along the way. Please call (619) 486-5005 to schedule a consultation and begin a conversation about your best self. 

Preparation and Procedure

During your consultation, Dr. Bidair will provide detailed instructions on how to prepare for adult circumcision surgery. In general, you should avoid smoking and/or taking blood thinners in the weeks leading up to any surgery.

The adult circumcision procedure begins once you have received the appropriate amount of anesthetics to keep you safe and comfortable. A surgery with Dr. Bidair typically lasts about 90 minutes. This is a longer duration than most urologists afford a circumcision, but Dr. Bidair is not like most urologists. He has a skilled hand and an artist’s eye. Your circumcision is not just a “before and after” to him; it is the opening chapter to the rest of your life story.

Recovery and Results

Immediately following your procedure, a clinician will monitor your progress until you are ready to resume your recovery from the safety of home. Please avoid exerting yourself for 5-7 days after your surgery. You may resume sexual activity in 2-4 weeks, but please do not rush the healing process. You want to help us ensure that your “after” is a markedly more positive experience than your “before.”

To learn more about Dr. Bidair’s focus and philosophy, please visit our blog. California Adult Circumcision is proud to provide dedication and precision to the greater San Diego area. Peruse our posts and feel free to ask Dr. Bidair any questions that may arise during your individual consultation


How much does adult circumcision cost in San Diego?

You deserve the best care at the right price. During your meeting with Dr. Bidair, he will assess your needs and quote you a cost based on your unique medical case. If you are unable to consult with the doctor in person, consider the convenience and confidentiality of a virtual consultation.

Is adult circumcision safe?

Circumcision is a delicate procedure. You should only trust the process to a surgeon who is board-certified and committed to meeting your needs. Dr. Mo Bidair has decades of experience and he is ready to apply them to your aesthetic and wellness goals. Please call (619) 486-5005 to discuss your questions and concerns with our attentive, discreet staff. 


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